With over ten years of expertise in gaming, VR, online streaming services we provide solid technology and services to our clients worldwide.
VIRTUONICA technology operates all over the world.
It is more than easy to start building your audience and your client base with us. Just concentrate on content creation, your gaming workshop, your streaming ideas and let us do the rest.
We will build your audience
We will test drive your code
We will provide monetization to your project

Game Publishing

Porting to all platforms concentrates your audience in one hand. We can handle all aspects of porting, so you don't have to choose where to publish.

We provide all main platforms to let your game become popular
Thanks to our established network of influencers throughout the world, your gaming and streaming media content will be seen by millions!
Your way to transparent an reliable source of income. Our financial department will be at Your hands 24/7
Development Localization Testing

We help to finalize your code and test your game in life environment. Localization & QA

The perfect video game and streaming speaks many languages and can pass even the most rigorous of quality tests.

All necessary software and certifications provided. All necessary development tools provided.
All possible streaming tools provided.
Free of charge!
Latest and complex hardware becomes accessible. No need to invest a fortune, we come with our own servers and back end solutions to let you concentrate on creation.
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    Chicago Illinois
    Virtuonica LTD Chicago, Illinois
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Contacts and Location
Feel free to write, call, and visit us. We'd really love to communicate with you.
+1 773 600-2761 (USA)
+382 68667479 (EU)
We are located at
4250 N MARINE DR APT 1231
Chicago, IL 60613

We will be happy to meet in
Somnium Space or any other Metaverses